AC Servo Drive Ω6 Series (Communication: Pulse/Analog/EtherCAT)

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Higher performance, multi-functional, easy to operate, modular configuration, equipped the black box self-diagnosis system, knowing the status of the machine in any time. 

Features :

  • Self-tuning, saving 90% of the equipment debugging time
  • Speed ​​loop bandwidth 3.5kHz
  • Current loop refresh rate 1MHz
  • With three-way 16-digit analog command entered, the change in 2 mv voltage can be distinguished and the control precision can be improved by 16 times
  • Strong power can easy handling 115% overload rate of continuous load , and 350% instantaneous overload
  • Response to IO in 1 μs makes it easy to deal with the needs of aerial photography and probe ; With two-degree-of-freedom control + pseudo-differential feedforward control, both high-speed response and strong interference are available ; Equipped with 16 M pulse control interface, the control precision can be increased by 4 times
  • Friction compensation + over-quadrant bump inhibition
  • New gantry synchronization algorithm + standard RJ45 socket
  • On-line inertia identification + on-line parameter self-tuning
  • V-shaped anti-vibration control + end vibration control + self-adaptive notch filter
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